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ISSM Membership 2019

ISSM FULL Membership is valid for one full calender year (January 1st to December 31st, 2019) and includes an ONLINE subscription to the Journal of Sexual Medicine (monthly) and Sexual Medicine Reviews (quarterly). Further benefits to members are discounted author publication fees for publishing in ISSM's Open Access journal 'Sexual Medicine', registration fees for all ISSM Meetings and Symposia and access to an active website and intranet for discussion among ISSM members of vexing problems and cases (see ISSM website).

ISSM FULL membership fees are based on and will be charged in EURO's (click on the rates below for a real time conversion into USD). To determine applicable membership fees, the ISSM applies the World Bank classification based on the gross national income (GNI) per capita, resulting in 3 different membership categories, which are: A - high income countries, B - middle income countries, and C - low income countries. For a full list see When applying/renewing the applicable membership category and membership fee as described below will be automatically applied and calculated.

You can apply for ISSM RESIDENT/STUDENT membership if you are a Resident/Student enrolled in a school of medicine, psychology nursing or other health care field or enrolled in a graduate training program or residency program in a field related to practice and/or research in sexual medicine (eg Urology, Gynecoglogy, etc.). ISSM RESIDENT/STUDENT Membership excludes voting rights and does not include a subscription to the Journal of Sexual Medicine and Sexual Medicine Reviews but includes all other benefits mentioned above.

Membership Category Membership Fee
ISSM Full Membership 2019 Journals Online Only - Cat. A (high income countries) EUR   130
ISSM Full Membership 2019 Journals Online Only - Cat. B (middle income countries) EUR   90
ISSM Full Membership 2019 Journals Online Only - Cat. C (low income countries) EUR   40
ISSM Resident/Student Membership 2019 (***) EUR   0
(***) To qualify for resident/student membership, written proof of your status as a student is required when applying (for example, a copy of your student ID or a letter declaring your status, dated and signed on your institution's letterhead/stationary). Upon submitting your application, please also send a scan of the supporting documentation by e-mail to NOTE: Your resident/student membership application is not considered complete without supporting documentation and will not be processed until such proof is duly received.

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Journals Subscription

An ONLINE subscription to the Journal of Sexual Medicine (monthly) and Sexual Medicine Reviews (quarterly) is included in ISSM FULL Membership. With this subscription you have full access to all journal articles. For a small additional fee of EUR 25 (approx. USD 29) you can also subscribe to receiving the printed copies of both journals. You can indicate your choice below:

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Donation to the Zorgniotti Foundation

The Zorgniotti Foundation was established in 1994 after Adrian Zorgniotti, founder and first President of the International Society for Impotence Research (ISIR) that is currently known as the International Society for Sexual Medicine. The mission of the Fund is to finance scholarships and grants for young researchers in the field of sexual dysfunction through its relationship with donors. The financial resources of the Foundation will be distributed for basic and clinical research in the field of sexual medicine, for training of professionals in the field of sexual medicine and for public education. The Zorgniotti Foundation is organized under the auspices of the ISSM Grants and Prizes committee and the ISSM Board of Directors. The ISSM would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to this important foundation.

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