This form can be used to apply for ISSWSH membership. Your membership application will be reviewed by the Board and if approved, you will become a member for 2017. At the end of each calendar year, a tacit renewal of your membership is applicable, for which you will be invoiced at the end of the running year.

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ISSWSH Membership 2017

ISSWSH Membership is valid for one full calender year (January 1st to December 31st, 2017). More information about the different membership benefits and categories can be found here.

Membership Category Membership Fee
ISSWSH Active Physician Membership 2017 $   275
ISSWSH Active Non-Physician Membership 2017 $   150
ISSWSH Affiliate Membership 2017 $   400
ISSWSH Active Physician Membership + ISSM Membership (JSM/SMR) 2017* $   400
ISSWSH Active Non-Physician Membership + ISSM Membership (JSM/SMR) 2017* $   275
ISSWSH Affiliate Membership + ISSM Membership (JSM/SMR) 2017* $   525

ISSM Membership & JSM/SMR Subscription

If you are applying for ISSWSH membership including ISSM membership, an online subscription to the Journal of Sexual Medicine (monthly) and Sexual Medicine Reviews (quarterly) is included. With this subscription you have full online (digital) access to all journal articles. For a small additional fee of USD 25 you can also subscribe to receiving the printed copies of both journals. You can indicate your choice below:

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Online access to JSM+SMR (NO EXTRA CHARGES)   
Printed copies + online access to JSM+SMR (+USD 25)   


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